BOON: Behavior Oracle for always-ON electrical mobility

Timeline: 2021-2023
Keywords: Electric Mobility; Charging Network Expansion; Demand Modeling; Demand-responsive Optimization
Team participants: Francisco C. Pereira, Inon Peled, Frederik B. Hüttel, Samitha Samaranayake, Jessika Trancik
Lead Organization: DTU – Technical University of Denmark


Electric Vehicles are increasingly adopted as part of a global transition to greener mobility, which in turn requires further charging infrastructure. This dependency is in fact circular, as new infrastructure encourages further EV adoption, and vice versa. The BOON project aims at effective planning of charging network expansion through modeling of charging demand and corresponding optimization of charging supply. For demand modeling, BOON shall develop novel data-driven Machine Learning methods for incremental learning, while accounting for inherent limitations in the observability of charging demand. On the supply side, BOON shall develop demand-responsive optimization algorithms for network expansion, involving both fixed charging stations and mobile chargers.


  • Cornell University
  • MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • DTU – Technical University of Denmark