SHARE-MORE: SHAREd MObility REwards (EIT Urban Mobility)

Timeline: 2020-2020
Keywords: Car-sharing; Incentives; Personalisation; Survey; Stated-Preferences; Sustainability
Team participants: Carlos Lima Azevedo, Mayara Monteiro
Lead Organization: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology



SHARE-MORE will develop and test service improvements for car-sharing by providing personalised incentives to enhance and uptake car-sharing initiatives and usage and to support more sustainable mobility patterns. An Example of such incentive is an advanced booking option for recurrent trips to and from transport hubs for users whose travel patterns indicate activities matching such origins and destinations.
The first year program deliveries will include: (1) comparative analysis of users’ needs, preferences and barriers, using multiple international examples, including contextual dependencies; (2) analysis of incentives and preferences leading to sustainable car-sharing behaviour and lowering operational rides costs; (3) generating incentive framework allowing for sustainable goals achievement and business viability through project lifecycle; (4) incorporating the incentive framework into car-sharing existing app and pilot testing it, making this innovation highly feasible.
In the second year the scope will be extended in two directions: 1) Integrating incentives associated with car-sharing services to stakeholders beyond the service subscribers, specifically in our partner city Munich and potentially in Copenhagen. 2) The scaling-up of general user-directed incentives into personalised incentives following an iterative approach. Detailed analysis of the impact of the incentives on behavioural changes and travel patterns will be conducted and used to design personal incentives.
The proposal brings together different members of EIT Urban Mobility – research institutes, municipalities, and the car sharing community, in a holistic approach, to create a unique solution deployed by the Tel-Aviv car-sharing provider (AutoTel). The project results can be deployed, scaled and exported to other cities.


  • DTU – Technical University of Denmark
  • Københavns Kommune
  • City of Munich
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  • TUM – Technical University of Munich
  • Municipality of Tel Aviv – Yafo
  • University College London