Traffic-flow & Air Quality Experiment

Timeline: 2017-2018
Keywords: Air Pollution; Traffic Control; Sensors.
Team participants: Stanislav Borisov
Lead Organization: Copenhagen Solutions Lab.


Research highlights

  • Understand the health possibilities of environmentally focused traffic management
  • Find the correlation between traffic management, traffic flow and air quality
  • Data from two intersections that provides information on the effects difference between green/red light


The experiment sought to find correlations between traffic management, traffic flow and air quality by measuring the difference between the air pollution levels when cars are waiting for the traffic light to turn green compared to when they are driving through the intersection.

The project succeeded in finding as reliable correlations for NO2 and CO as can be achieved in real-life data gathering. The results showed an increase in local pollution levels, which might be caused by the acceleration of cars starting from a standstill or trying to cross the intersection before it turns red.

Sponsors and Partners

  • Copenhagen Solutions Lab
  • Leapkraft A/S
  • PTV Group
  • OrganiCity (Sponsor)